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Welcome to TERAKO breeding station

We are a small breeding station with four cavalier bitches - Brixi (Bongi) Pernštejnský anděl, Gerenika Terako, Holdwine (Winny) Terako and Aneridee Super Sateen (Satin). We live in a terrace house on a subberb of Brno, the largest town of South Moravia.

There is only a small garden behind our house, but it enables our cavaliers to run an have a rest in the grass.

The north part of Brno, were we live, is surrounded by woods, therefore it isn't a problem to walk dogs three or four times a week in wood. Several weekends we spend at our cottage in the forest, near a pond, so they can swimm as they like. Because they are trained, educated, they respect me; so they can freely run and snuff as they want.

Our bitches have mostly three litters during their life and always only one bitch has the puppies and others works as aunts. It enables me to pay maximal care to them and to enjoy them very much.

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