Gerinka Gerenika - pedigree

Geri is a daughter of our bitch Bongi (Brixi Pernštejnský anděl) and father Ich. Lancelot Biely démon. She was born 11th April 2005. She comes from a very precoius litter. precious litter. She was extremly lovely and crazy but when she grew up and lost her puppy´s jacket we had big problems with her because she tracked deer in the forest. She even got lost. Thanks to the mobile phone number written on her collar she is back with us.
We take part in dog shows. She has always been excelent so far and we obtained judgement of 3x CAJC, CAC, 2x resCAC.

Winnynka Winny - pedigree

Holdwine Terako Holdwine Terako is Bongi´s daughter from the second litter. Her father is Ich. Lancelot Biely Démon again. Two sisters Holdwine and Hurricane (Wanesska) were born on 18 th June 2006. They left us at the age of 8 weeks and went to their new families, but Winny is since her 6th month (see up) a member of our pack. She is incredibely sweet, good, obedient and beautifull gingery girl with great black eyes. She has no hunting tendency like Geri used to have. She is a tireless swimmer, enjoyes water in the pond very much and is capable of hunting the water vermin for a long time.

Satin Satin - pedigree

My dream about bringing a cavalier puppy from abroath became true in spring 2008, when our pack has spread by BT bitch Aneridee Super Sateen from Finland. She is gentle, elegant and can be proud of excellent pedigree with English ancessors. Her father has been a Champion in three countries and mother has olso achieved numerous exhibitional successes. I hope that Sateen inhereted their great health and presumption of their excellent exterier. It seems that Sati inherited of her ancestors first of all excellent body, nature and I hope good health as well.

Jodie Jodie Princess

Jodie stood alone in Winny´s home (her sister died during a delivery). Everybody took care only about her (see photos Puppy „J“). We have seen our Bongi in her since the beginning. She was very mature quite early because only adult dogs had been a model for her. She became to a member of pack and it started to be unimaginable for me to get her off. So cavalier girls are again four slightly out of plan.


Bongi - pedigree

Bongi (JCh.Brixi Pernštejnský anděl) was born 3th May 2000 in breeding station of Mrs. Skoumalová. Her mother was small, pretty, lovely BT bitch Brixi Brno-Frost and her father Ich. Pamedna Ricardo is a Champion of several countries. We took part in numerous exhibitions and we obtained titles - 4 times CAJC, 3 times CAC, CWC, District winner..... Bongi is very lively, playful, she likes caressing but most of all she prefers being outdoor, where she runs quickly and snuffs. She has had only two litters so far. There were 8 puppies in the first litter, 6 survived and the litter was very lovely and balanced. One of them, Gerenika, stayed with us. More than one year later, in the second litter „H“ , there were only two ruby girls and Holdwine-Winny (due to problems with their owners) came back to our pack at the age of 6 month.
In September 2008 Bongi passed through kidney inflammation. Though it seemed she was cured, problems returned during Christmas time and Bongi died in 18th January.



Her right name is Keyly z Císařského mlýna and she is manifold grandmother and great-grandmother. She was born in 1993. At first she was rather a wild puppy, she liked chaseing of game and birds. She was able to chase swallows on football field without end. During her active life she gave us three litters, "A", "B" and "E". Later she was nice, vital and succesful veteran for a long time. This year in May she was ill with kidneys, therefore we looked after her carefully to have a nice and satisfied old age. Unfortunately, her illness was hard, she died 1st June 2006.



We kept Ketty's daughter Arlette too. Ruby bitch Arlette Terako took after a beautiful and exhibitionally successful ruby sir Bergon z Podhradí Boskovic. She was born 9th December 1995 and it seemed that her ferrous jacket was too big for her. She didn't like exhibitions. Much more she liked running and pawing in a grass, sniffing in the woods and swimming anywhere.

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