Arletta and Ketty



The first of our cavaliers was BT bitch Ketty, which we brought in 1993 by the breeder of cavaliers Mrs. Severová. From the small mite grew out petty but vital bitch. After two years she had her first puppies, which charmed us so much, that we kept ruby girl Arlette. Initially it seemed, that her ruby jacket is too big for herself. But she grew quickly and promptly overgrew Ketty.

Arlette, in contrast to Ketty, wasn't interested in exhibitions and she prefered jogging in the forest and swimming in the pond. When she was two years old she became a mother too and Ketty a grandmother.

During years we have had puppies several times (Ketty three litters and Arlette as well) but than our bitches started slowly growing older and we perceived that we greatly lack puppy's games. So we brought, in the year 2000, small black-and-tan puppy Brixi Pernštejnský anděl from Dr. Skoumalová and we named her Bongi. It was a good move, because due to her energy, games and gambol our cannel became younger.

While Ketty, as the old dam thoughtfully watched her, Arlette played with her and taught her all like an older sister. So we had three cavalier's girls till April 2005.

Our small Bongi was very pretty and hansome and she showed herself greatly. Because my daughter Zuzana was at that time at suitable age, she trained her and they obtained numerous evaluations in juniorhandling. But they were succesful in exhibitional ring too, so that the title Junior Champion was awarded to Bongi. Later Bongi obtained several judgement CAC, however Zuzana started studying restoring of ceramic at the High school and there were less and less exhibitions.

Bongi grew up but she had her first puppies later than Ketty and Arlette because I was very busy at that time. Her first litter was born on 11th April 2005. The litter "G" came right and the ruby bitch Gerenika Terako (Geri) arrived to our cannel this time. She was very playful but unfortunately, Arlette could not enjoy her long.

At the beginning of July Arlette's heart suddenly became worse and she died on 20. 7. 2005. Her mother Ketty, successful veteran, tolerated wisely and patiently playing with the puppy.

She celebrated the 13th birthdays on 6th April 2006 and was in a very good condition. But 2 weeks later she stopped eating and the examination revealed diseased kidneys. Ketty was weaker and weaker and she died on 1st June 2006.

That time Bongi was expecting her second litter of puppies. They came to light on 18th June 2006. Based on sono we were expecting more but only two plump ruby girls were born – Holdwine and Hurricane. Finally Holdwine stayed with us and thanks to the small age difference between her and Gerenika (only one year) they could play and frolic together very much. And mother Bongi had finally a rest.

My dream finally came true, in spring 2008, to bring a puppy from abroath. A bitch BT Aneridee Super Sateen came to us from Finish breeding station of Mrs. Irena Kauppi. Sateen has been very clever and easy learn puppy and it was fantastic to observe her how she tried to copy all from older bitches. She inherited excellent body and fantastic nature from her ancestors. She behaves very nicely in the exhibition ring.

Bongi started to be very sad after our return from the cottage in September 2008. During general investigation kidney inflammation was observed. Treatment with antibiotics lasting several weeks seemed to be succesful and Bongi was OK again. But during Christmas illness came back; Bongi left us 18th January 2009.We were very distressed. Now we feel Bongi returned us in small Jodie Princess, which delivered to Winny in July 2009.

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